Compucolor II and CUVIC | 컴퓨칼라 II와 큐빅

In 1979 I managed to convince the “Treasurer” of our household that these machines were going to change the world and that our children, who were aged 15, 13 and 12 at the time and I should be exposed to this technology. With her permission I purchased a Compucolor II Model 5 computer (32k of RAM) and extended keyboard. The package cost $2500 which was a hell of lot of money for us in those days.

1979년에 나는 우리 집의 “재무장관”에게 이 기계들이 곧 세상을 변화시킬 것이고 우리 아이들, 15, 13, 12살 짜리들과 내가 이 기술을 좀 알아야된다고 설득했다. 장관의 허락 하에 컴퓨칼라 II (Compucolor II) 모델 5 컴퓨터 (32k 램)와 확장 자판을 구매했다. 모두 합쳐 2천 5백불이 들었는데, 당시로서는 엄청나게 큰 돈이었다.

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